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Content is King, but it assumes an Audience!

We Interupt this Web Sites Normal Discussion to bring you proof that we are all about the content.  Please look at our two events happening in Las Vegas August 11-14 at the RIO.   M2M Evolution can be found at this web address and you will see we intend to not stop transferring knowledge to you until the very end.  Our SuperWiFi has a little less in the way of activities, but has just as strong content and provides the opportunity to network with the people who are providing alternative wireless solutions.  

Crossfire Media is all about Content and Community. 

Crossfire Media builds communities, provides marketplace access, and disseminates information on the latest technology developments to a strong and growing community of executives and thought leaders. Crossfire Media enables their community by providing access to the necessary technical and business information required to effectively exploit Internet technology.

Crossfire Media serves this community of interest with a broad array of face to face, online and virtual products including;

  • Face to Face Conferences and Trade Shows
  • Training Workshops
  • Newsletters and Websites 
  • Webinars

Through our partnership with Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC), Crossfire Media has successfully built events around the WIreless Internet.



4G Wireless Evolution
Application Development
IOT M2M Evolution

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